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3 Benefits Of Gamification Applied To Sales

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Gamification for sales is the process of using game-like mechanics to engage and motivate your prospects and customers. In a business environment, gamification can be used in various ways to increase sales for your business.

The key to successful gamification is to make it fun and rewarding without making it too difficult. When done correctly, gamification can produce significant results for your business.

Benefits Of Gamification Applied To Sales

Let’s see below 3 benefits of gamification for sales.

1. Interactive Demonstrations Of Your Products

One of the ways you can use gamification for sales is to implement interactive demonstrations of your products. You don’t even have to create new content; instead, use videos that already exists in your social networks.

A practical example of the concept above is the demonstration that my team have prepared for you. In it, you’ll see the new MindMeister user interface, which is the favorite mind mapping tool used by millions of users around the world.

In this video, not only you will see the new features of this wonderful tool, but you will also have the opportunity to interact with the speaker’s explanation.

Imagine the potential:

  • Insert comments.
  • Survey users.
  • Train sales teams.
  • Etc.

Let’s cut the talking, check it out for yourself and make sure you activate the full-screen mode.

The truth is that this type of gamified content is compelling because the video will provide interactions for the user. All while collecting the answers for storage in the system’s database.

As if that were not enough, these types of implementations allow you to invite your potential clients to register on your platform. This gives you plenty of opportunities to share more details about your expertise, products, and services.

In short, interactive videos are a mighty tool to increase your sales using content already existing in your organization.

2. Engagement Of Your Clients

Another way to implement gamification in your sales processes is to encourage customers to make their first purchase, or reinvest in your brand’s products and services.

For example, you could offer loyalty points that can be redeemed for discounts or free products.

In the case of e-commerce customers of our agency, we have implemented fortune wheels that are embedded in the cart and payment pages. This way, you could offer additional discounts to customers who register their account at checkout.

You could also offer exclusive discounts or access to product launches to customers who reach certain levels in your loyalty program.

3. Virality In Social Networks

Gamification can also be used to increase engagement on social networks. For example, you can organize contests or raffles where participation tickets are awarded not in exchange for money, but in exchange for social media interactions.

Social Raffle

You can also reward customers who leave reviews about your products or services with loyalty points or discount coupons that they can redeem on their next purchase.

Experts In Gamification For Sales

If you need an agency with experience in implementing this type of strategy for your business, contact today. We have more than 10 years of experience developing this type of solution for clients in various parts of the world.

If you think we can support you in anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

In Conclusion

Through gamification, companies can engage and motivate prospects, customers, and social media followers alike. When done correctly, gamification can produce significant results for your business.

You can see more practical examples within this site by clicking here.

What are you waiting for? Start incorporating gamification into your sales processes today.

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Andres D'Andrea
Andrés D’Andrea

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