What is MeisterNote?


MeisterNote is an online documentation tool that helps teams create and organize beautiful content collaboratively. This superbly-designed addition to the MeisterSuite boasts a sublime feature set that can greatly improve communication, organization, and productivity in your company.

Beautiful, intuitive, collaborative writing for teams

Write to the point

Digital writing tools have been with us since 1976. So why make a new one in 2021? The answer is simple: joy in writing is not just what you write, but how you write it.

MeisterNote is special: a genuinely collaborative writing app with your team at its heart.

Here’s what you can expect from the latest addition to the Meister Suite:

A familiar design and user interface

A Beautiful Design

Looks matter. MeisterNote represents a top-to-toe rethink of what a writing app can be, with block-based content creation providing the basis for extraordinary documents that reflect your brand to the letter.

Unlimited notes

Limitless Notes

MeisterNote is all about writing, which is why you can create and store as many notes as you like. Notes are stored in shared workspaces with customizable permission structures: perfect for teams that depend on rapid information flows.

Simple and intuitive solutions for your team

Simple and Intuitive

Meister tools are defined by their simplicity and ease of use. With a compact, yet powerful feature set accessible with a few simple commands, MeisterNote empowers your team to create beautiful documents collaboratively: no onboarding, training, or support required.

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Effective documentation

MeisterNote is the perfect documentation tool for you and your team. . 

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