What is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a beautifully designed and highly intuitive task manager whose visual project boards perfectly adapt to your team‘s workflow. Using smart task automations and integrations, MeisterTask ensures that you work more consistently and get more done together.

Manage tasks and projects like a pro with MeisterTask

A task management tool

Although there is an overlap between “project management tools”, “task management tools” and “digital to-do lists”, tools in these categories generally vary in terms of complexity and scope. MeisterTask was primarily designed for task management and as such falls between the more feature-rich project management tools and the very basic functionality of personal to-do lists.

MeisterTask runs in any standard web browser

A Web App

Being web-based means that MeisterTask runs in any standard web-browser, independent of the user’s operating system. Although MeisterTask also offers desktop apps for Windows and Mac, these apps are “wrappers” for the web app. There is currently no native desktop version with offline functionality.

MeisterTask runs on iOS and Android devices

A Mobile App

In addition to the web app, MeisterTask also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Once a user has created a MeisterTask account, this account can be accessed from any platform and its data is synchronized across all devices. In opposite to the web and desktop apps, the mobile apps also work when the user is not connected to the internet. Changes made to projects and tasks are automatically synchronized with the online account as soon as the internet connection is restored.

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A SaaS tool with a freemium pricing model

Freemium means that MeisterTask offers a free plan (with limited functionality) as well as various paid subscription options. As a SaaS company, we don’t offer one-time payments for our software. Instead, users pay a monthly/yearly subscription fee. This way, they always have access to the most up-to-date version of MeisterTask.

Use the code ANDRES when registering a Pro or Business plan to get 10% OFF your first payment.
The best way to use that discount is registering the annual plan.

Asynchronous collaboration for you and your team

By implementing MeisterTask the way I’ve done many times in the past, I know for sure you and your team will see no way back. You don’t have to do it alone because I’m a certified implementation expert willing to help you.

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